Linda's Art and Frame


Linda's art and frame are proud of our instructors. Here you can find a bio of each of the instructors at the studio.

Stefani Anderson has been painting since she was nine years-old and has many awards to her credit. Her fourteen years of experience include: instruction at Linda's Art and Frame, training at Dixie State College under renowned artist Del Parson, and art education from Utah State University. Stefani is proficient in oils, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, and figure drawing. Stefani has discovered how to inspire and teach children who have various learning styles through her experience instructing at Linda’s Art and Frame and Robert’s Arts & Crafts.

Jackie Brimhall teaches the Experimental Watercolor. She holds a BA from BYU. Jackie is a professional artist who has several craft books in print ,as well as her own sticker series and professional cards. She recently finished a commission for a paper doll series. You will find her work in art and craft stores across the nation. She has been a popular instructor at Linda's since 2000 in addition to spending two years as an art instructor at Salt Lake Community College.

Bonny Harps teaches Drawing and Calligraphy at Linda’s Art and Frame. Her education includes a Bachelor’s of Arts from Brigham Young University. Bonny’s teaching experience involves several years in the local school district and over five years with Linda’s Art and Frame. Bonny has won many art competitions in Utah. In addition, Bonny is a past member of the West Jordan Arts Council and past Director of the Schorr Art Gallery.

Linda Penrod Jones teaches students of all ages in Oil Painting. She is a professional artist with many awards to her credit. Her work has been purchased by individuals all over the world as well as BYU and the US Post Office. She has been an art instructor for 30 years privately and two years at Salt Lake Community College. Her students have won acclaim for their artistic efforts at local state and national levels. Lynda studied art in Europe, at Weber State, BYU and varied artists workshops. Owner of Linda's Art & Frame, she is also the Manager, the Class Coordinator, Designer and Customer Framer of the studio.

Thomas Tholen is a working professional artist. He has worked in the animation industry for over 20 years. He has worked in studios as part of a team and independantly, working directly with producers and directors. His work credit includes Transformers, X-men, Spiderman and his amazing friends, The Incerdible Hulk, The Inhumanoids, JEM and the Holograms, and Scoobeys Laff O lympics to name but a few. He also paints landscapes, portraits, and figures. He has sold paintings and won awards for his work. Click here to visit Thomas' imdb page.