About Us

Where students become family and painters become artists.

There’s a saying that if you can’t play the sport, then coach it. This is not the case for Lynda at Linda’s Art and Frame. Lynda is both a blue ribbon, award-winning artist and the teacher of many award-winning artists. How did this artist become a teacher of other artists? It all started out by teaching her neighbor’s child how to oil paint: showing them how to hold the brush properly, what colors to mix, and how to use perspective. Lynda has been an artists for most of her life and studied art in Europe where she had the opportunity to learn the techniques of the old masters. This had a powerful influence on her and is evident with her hand-painted wall accents, and of course, her own masterpieces.

As Lynda started to teach, interest in oil painting grew so that many of the other neighborhood kids came to learn as well. In 1996, she built an art studio to hold art classes and framing. To this day, Lynda continues to teach oil painting in the same studio- offering a place where students become family and painters become artists.